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From accelerators to angel investors and beyond!

Entrepreneurship can often feel like a hero’s journey with the pieces of the puzzle not quite falling into place.

However, with the right team, strategy and mental models of entrepreneurship we can make progress, faster, cheaper and with less wasted energy.

How we help

High-Level 360 Startup Traction Plan

Our unique screening methodology based on more than 15 years of startup experience allows us to accurately evaluate your startup’s health across multiple factors: Product, sales, team, and user traction.

Think of us as a GP for startups: We focus on the health of the whole venture and help you identify and prevent problems before they require costly treatment.

What you receive:

  • Bespoke startup evaluation report
  • List of funding sources most likely to invest in you
  • Action plan for the next 3-6 months

Accelerator Readiness

Accelerators could be a good way to bridge the funding gap and help you cross the notorious ‘valley of death’ before you reach your product market fit. However, some of the accelerators are extremely competitive accepting only 2% of the applications. If you are positive that an accelerator is the optimal option for you to move forward, we can help you succeed by providing:

  • Startup review
  • Application assistance
  • Consumer research
  • Product Concept Testing
  • Technical MVP Development(if required)

Our 1-on-1 Immersive Accelerator Programme

If you are not willing to give away equity and prefer to invest in the acceleration of the product yourself, we have designed our own accelerator program that takes you from the idea stage to your first commercial sale. For this programme we stack your board with exactly the right people that have built multiple successful products in the past and that will act as your founding team before your venture is mature enough to sail on its own!


in Craig Dessoy

Tristan doesn’t pull his punches and detonated a small nuclear device under what I thought was my grand startup plan. But frankly, that’s exactly what I needed because although I have good knowledge of my market and some solid ideas for disrupting it, I really had no idea about how to turn those into a realistic product and strategy. Tristan has an excellent understanding about how to develop an early-stages startup, build traction and make it investable. I have found his input and advice to be invaluable, and his high-level 360 traction plan will I am sure prove to be excellent value for money.

in Ruth Malone

Working with Tristan was an easy decision. I learnt about London Investable during one of their events where they described the typical journey that a founder will take during the first few months. This reflected my own experience almost perfectly, and importantly they were able to give me immediate clarity on the traps and the opportunities to move forward. Tristan carried out a review of the progress we have made so far, quickly identifying those areas that I had a niggling feeling were not fit for purpose, but could not resolve myself. Based on this he has provided me with a realistic way forward that gives me confidence we will proceed with a much increased likelihood of success, and a much smaller risk of wasting my own investment in the start-up.

in Clinton Ratanatray

If you are serious about succeeding with your start-up business and have an opportunity to collaborate with Tristan and his team at Investable, I suggest you do it! Investable's High Level 360 Traction Plan has given us valuable insight into our company.

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Our portfolio


Med=EZ is an online medical tourism platform that connects private healthcare professionals in Istanbul with patients from the United Kingdom.

Who we look for

Our programmes are intended for mature founders who appreciate the complexity of starting a technology business.

For this reason we don’t take on founders who have the desire to tackle startup challenges by themselves or have unrealistic beliefs about startup

Entrepreneur profiles we love working with

  • Has spotted a problem and has come up with a unique solution but is unsure exactly what to do next
  • Is on a mission to attract the best people and build a dream team
  • Wants to be as prepared as possible before approaching investors
  • Wants to make sensible decisions and only give out equity under the right circumstances
  • Is open-minded to receiving mentorship
  • Knows that early revenue is what makes startups investable

Investors invest in startups that do not need investment

How to make your startup investable


Replace opinion with facts in support of your capital raise using carefully considered experimental design and research.


Simplify your initial mission by using minimum viable process to generate first revenue and demonstrating the business model.


Discover, validate, product develop and build your path market ALL concurrently.


Unlock a variety of funding options and revenue streams as your start-up matures and hits various commercial milestones.

Meet our clients

in Deborah Tyfield

Before working with Tristan and Iryna I was blindly making my way through market research for my app. I really had no idea what I was doing as I’ve never created an app before.

Thanks to Tristan and Iryna, I now know what goes in to market research and if I didn’t have their help I would have taken a lot longer to get to this point of research (if ever)! Working with them has sped everything up and I feel confident now that I will get it right and avoid costly mistakes along the way.

in Alexander Pericleous

The product visioning was by far one of the most insightful phases, as Tristan and Iryna covered every single angle there was to explore and made sure that no pebble left unturned. A true master class in fuelling my idea with all the correct ingredients. I would most definitely recommend using London Investable as I have seen growth and direction take such a positive route throughout the process of developing my app.

in Harjer Kadhim

Working with the London Pipeline has been firstly rewarding. In the sense I have learnt many skills and knowledge that has been new to me after starting my journey of beginning a start up. Working together we have built a friendly relationship were we take on great criticism but turn it into a positive. Life is about learning new things. I have learnt how to become a great researcher in my chosen field and likewise they have gained knowledge into medicine.

in Monique Gajadhar

To someone that cannot always distinguish creative design from technical design and who has challenges with narrowing down the concept to useful strategic action steps, Tristan and Iryna were life savers. I have a creative mind and they provided me with step by step action plans and answered all of my questions so I could focus on what I am good at and most importantly, love to do. To me it is important that I can trust people with my ideas and thoughts because they are precious to me. I was treated with more than the usual professional regard and felt understood and cared for.

in Jackie Carroll

Tristan has taken an extremely proactive approach to advising GIAH International, anticipating issues before they become problems. I’d go so far as to say that he has become an integral part of the company and its success, as a trusted advisor. I am so happy with his work and will continue to work with him for as long as possible. I highly recommend his services to anyone. He is a true asset to any business! He’s punctual, his work is impeccable, he overdelivers on everything and always overperforms. He is beyond what is required and adds serious value! Very happy with our work relationship!

in Anton Mishchenko

Tristan has worked throughout our organisation within our consulting team and as an independent product marketer and consultant. He made a significant contribution to the evolution of YouTeam marketing and go-to-market efforts, which has supported an increase in market penetration and overall product commercialisation. He has been a trusted colleague throughout the entire lifecycle of the business so far. I highly recommend him to anyone needing advisory and support with setting up or scaling their tech business.

in Yura Riphyak

We’ve worked with Tristan for over two years, over this time we’ve seen his communications, go-to-market and marketing skills come into their own. He has demonstrated a high-level of flexibility and commitment to YouTeam as our needs for his services evolve, because he is genuinely interested in seeing his partners succeed. We appreciate this and are happy to make so referrals that others may benefits from his insights.

in Bernard Sinniah

Tristan is a smart and an intelligent individual. His insights into how we can grow our business is exceptional. I like the way he communicates with us. He keeps it very simple and always ready to adjust to our needs. Very flexible in his approach, he always looking for opportunities that can help us grow - strategically. Recommend him unconditionally.



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