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Project Overview

Med=EZ is a platform which connect patients in Turkey with select specialist doctors.
For patients this means having access to a
directory of verified doctors with a proven track
record, complete with a fully transparent review system. For clinics, we will offer equal online exposure for those without a dedicated marketing department so they can get on with delivering excellent healthcare.
Doctors will finally get public recognition for their professionalism and experience.





Initial Target Market






Business Model

Two-Sided marketplace

Core Team

Harjer Kadhim

Founder & Product Owner of Med=EZ

Harjer is a Physician Associate. Physician Associates are new to the NHS they work in the same medical model as a doctor, in between the doctors and nurse practitioners.

Tristan Senycia

Lead Product Manager

Iryna Havryliuk

Product Management Associate

Working with London Investable has been firstly rewarding. In the sense I have learnt many skills and knowledge that has been new to me after starting my journey of beginning a start up. Working together we have built a friendly relationship where we can speak very openly to one another and implement exactly what's needed to move forward.
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How we helped

We have helped Harjer:

  • Test & validate her product concept through customer discovery questionnaires & market research
  • Make the necessary pivots in terms of geography and market position to attain market-fit
  • Clarify exact use cases for the platform and corresponding user personas
  • Planned and documented the first 3 release of Med=EZ
  • Commenced with onboarding of early adopter clinics in Istanbul
  • Systemically de-risked her business model & execution plan

Milestones Achieved

Raised £30,000 in SEIS investment

What's Next

We are now in a position to commence design and onboarding.

Next Project


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